RFPs & Bids

Before Requesting an RFP or Bid from us, you should know that:

  1. We don’t play the bidding game
  2. You can expect us to be about 6% higher than your average bid

As you might guess, those two points are related. Here’s why: Most builders bid low, and then use “negotiated changes” as a shell game to get more money out of you. They seem like they’re the cheaper bid, until you actually give them your business. Then they’re not so cheap.

On top of that, they calculate a lower cost to build because meeting the minimum standard allowed by law is all they’re after. Building it right – as in building it to anywhere near OUR quality standards – never enters their mind. Sorry if that sounds arrogant, but, well, it’s the truth.

At James Sylvestre Enterprises, we don’t do any of that nonsense.

Because we can both calculate and control costs better than the other guys, we’re willing to commit to our bid price: if there’s a complication that’s not the result of you changing your request, we’ll eat the added costs rather than charging you one dime more than what we bid.

That’s why 36 out of the 36 buildings we completed last year, came in on budget and on schedule. And also why we maintain our 99% under or on budget success rate.

Now that you know all that, if you’d rather not have any surprises on your building job, and you want the price to be the price, and the building to get built right, we’d be happy to supply you with a bid. Here’s how to request one…

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